Nisha Garg

Who is Nisha Garg?

Nisha Garg (born September, 82) is an Internet cum affiliate marketer and a project manager by profession. Born in Ludhiana (the largest city of the state of Punjab), grew up in Bhavnagar (the fifth largest city in the state of Gujarat) and post-graduated in Chandigarh (a beautiful city and union territory of India).

With 100’s of friends in her directory, she has always be known for friends, friends and friends.

Talking about her knowledge, she (in her initial days) learned a lot about on-page/off-page optimization, real ways towards link building, social media marketing and REAL cum ETHICAL ways to rank a website in Google rankings (SERPs)… Her first few projects, iCallGlobe and YouTring, were a great boost in her skills and knowledge. Her close interaction with web designers, developers and email marketing team gave her a new kick to success.

What’s Inside Her Pocket?

  • Nisha Garg is presently working as a Project Manager with MarkAce Marketing Pvt. Ltd. run by Ritoban Chakrabarti. She is known as a back-bone of the company operations,
  • Running an email marketing campaign and building email list,
  • Working on her own first Product Launch,
  • Making extra income through affiliate commissions,
  • Providing customer support for IM products, and,
  • Blogging here 😉

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About Nisha Garg

So, this is where her knowledge keeps growing day-by-day… (detailed portfolio…)

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