There are a few affiliate marketing courses that I strongly follow and do believe they work. Below is a quick list. I am soon going to launch my own very first product on Video Marketing.

Profit Instruments

Profit Instruments by Ritoban ChakrabartiA complete step-by-step to quick start your affiliate commissions. The course is completely based on a product review website where you put your own review and let readers decide if they wish to sign-up for the product in review or not. Currently closed for any new enrollments.

Inbox Blueprint

Inbox Blueprint by Anik SingalAgain, a detailed step-by-step course that teaches how to create an email marketing campaign and make commissions by sending an email to your contacts. The course is completely based on building an email list and selling other’s products/services. Click here to know more….

Publish Academy

Publish Academy by Anik SingalA course focused on publishing/launching your own digital product online. It is completely based on creating a membership website or an eBook that directly relates your interest and selling it to users worldwide. Click here to know more….

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