What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?I know many of you might have read hundreds of articles and guides specifying what SEO is (well known as Search Engine Optimization or can say website optimization), I have seen many SEO’s who claim they are the best and can bring a web page on top of search results.

But the question that many few can answer is what exactly optimization is?

In true sense, optimization means “nor too less nor too high“, that is, bringing something to NORMAL. We have already heard that “excess of anything is bad” and that is true for website optimization too.

Over optimization may harm your website and less promotion is a worthless effort. We need to be stable and optimal in our work. That’s where optimization stands.

Now, what is the search engine in this? Frankly speaking, before I came into this field I thought the search engine is some engineering term related to some machinery. Sounds funny, huh? But No!!

In a layman language, Search Engine is a program that travels through all the pages of the website to see what the website is all about and how is it helpful for the searchers. Then it stores the information in its database so that it can return best of the results to the searchers searching anything related to it.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the major Search Engines. Different searches search with a different set of mind. Say, for example, I want to read reviews on Sony VAIO laptop. I might search by typing “Sony VAIO reviews”.

But you might search by typing “Sony VAIO LA1 65551090 reviews” or “Sony E series laptop 320GB i3″ or “Sony E19 laptop reviews” and so on. Every one has his own mindset to search anything. These terms are known as KEYWORDS in website optimization world.

Coming back to Search Engine Optimization, what is it as a whole?

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is basically making your website/business or product findable to the world. There are thousands of things that people search related to education, health, business, sports and much more.

Creating your identity in this huge crowd is what all about optimizing your website. Say, for example, I have a website related to “literature books”. When you search literature books in Google, you will get millions of websites listed there.

Now how will you make your business stand in those millions? This is where SEO comes. Bringing your website/business on top of search engine result pages (SERPs) is SEO.

I won’t be making it long by explaining it how at this moment!

Posted on – February 21, 2010

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