I have been exploring a lot these days to figure out what exactly I want, and what will give me a learning edge with a recurring income.

Presently, working on:

1. Niche website based on “Diabetes
2. Authority website based on “Health Niche
3. Niche website based on “Online Money Making” product reviews
4. List building through tools like Push Subscribe, Content Lockers and Conversion bars
5. Review websites based on “1 week open door offers“.

Haven’t yet started making enough money, however, fully motivated to make it happen 🙂

WAIT! Do remember, I am a homemaker and have a full-time job too. So, it’s all about how I manage time balancing work, home and family.

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Written by nishagarg
I am an affiliate marketer, freelancer and a blogger. In addition, I work full-time as Project Manager at MarkAce. I am known to be the backbone of financial accounting, team management and operational work. I like exploring about affiliate marketing, social media and lead generation. I BELIEVE to BELIEVE!